naf-camp2010 we became a NAF Camp, and we can accommodate camping cars, caravans and tents. At the main house you will find the restaurant and not least the terrace with room for 150 guests. Here you can enjoy good food and drinks, while having a fantastic view over the fjord. Read More We also have two beautiful and very popular beaches, a marina with a pier, a great play area and activities for children and their parents.

We have several boats with outboard motors which you can hire. Fishing in the fjord is good, as is it in the mountain lakes in the area. Do you like to hike in the mountains? There are a number of marked trails in the mountains around Norevikane.
Fagernes and Norevikane is a good starting point for day trips. Within a reasonable distance you will find everything from river fishing for salmon and trout, glaciers, golf, rafting, the UNESCO Centre in Hyllestad and much, much more.

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