Aktivitetar hjå Norevikane - Fagernes i Sogn

A stay at Fagernes is the starting point for a holiday full of positive activities. A fishing trip on the Sognefjord, or a hike in the mountains nearby will do you good, for both body and soul.
On the site we have our own wilderness camp with the big tipi tent in the center and many exciting activities that are challenging for children and adults. Among other things, a fun rope-track built in between the trees.


About a five minute drive from Norevikane you will find one of the best climbing areas in western Norway. There has been developed a climbing guide for the area, and this is a very special experience.
Norevikane is an excellent starting point for experienced divers. 10 minutes away we find the small town of Vadheim, where a lot of people, every year, dive to see the wreck of the German war ship "Oldenburg." 
Sunnfjord Golf Club is just outside Forde, a 50 minute drive from Norevikane.
Fjord fishing is popular at our resort. Nearby you also find many lakes, and within a one hour drive you will find some of the best Salomon rivers in the county.
Deer Hunting
We can offer information about deer hunting in the area.
Millstones and Viking outdoor Museum  
In Hyllestad, 30 minutes away from us, we find the Viking Millstones Museum. This provides a unique insight into how they lived along the fjord from the early times. The center is a candidate to becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
In Høyanger (25 minutes away), we find the local industrial city museum. Here you can experience up close how the western Norwegian industrial adventure started almost 100 years ago. 
“Water world”
Høyanger family swimming pool is located 25 minutes away from us, and offers four different outdoor and indoor swimming pools, water slides and wellness. Very good family prices!

Private events
Norevikane has been a popular place for weddings and other major events for several generations. We have extensive experience and we really like to create a great party! We have the capacity to accommodate approximately 100 guests inside the main house. Including the terrace, we have had family get-togethers of up to 180 guests.  

We satisfy the majority wishes of those who are having a party or a private event. 
Please contact us by email or phone for supplementary price offers!


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